Sunday, November 23, 2014

29 Nov - What INZpirED you into teaching?

"I just always knew that I wanted to teach.  I am the oldest of nine children and growing up, whenever we played school, I was always the teacher."

Bennie J. Williams-Roper

“My fourth grade teacher Mrs. Colepits. I always seemed to understand the homework faster than my peers so she would let me teach other students in my class and lead projects.  I knew from that point on that I loved teaching.”

     Linda Holland

Welcome to #INZpirED

What is inspiration?

A fleeting glimpse, a moment of clarity, a sudden impulse triggered, that leads to a spark of creativity.

Our PLN inspires us daily by sharing ideas, suggestions, feedback and support and this was the reason behind #INZpirED. A new global collaborative chat on Twitter with a single point agenda of inspiring educators in countries where students don't benefit from modern pedagogical techniques.

We hope that our PLN supports and shares their expertise on a wide variety of topics relevant to developing educators and hopefully inspiring each other as well.

#INZpirED - Every Saturday 9:30 AM IST,  5 PM New Zealand time, 8 PM PST
12 PM Singapore time,  5 AM GMT,  11 PM (Fri) New York time,  8 PM (Fri) California time

The agenda for the first 10 weeks is below

Week 1  - Welcome - What inspired you to become a teacher?

Week 2 - What is your best classroom management technique?

Week 3 - Share your best teaching story?

Week 4 - What is your best technique for planning a lesson?

Week 5 - How do you ensure differentiation in your lessons?

Week 6 (3 Jan 2015)-What has been your biggest bottleneck in teaching?

 Week 7 (10 Jan 2015)- What are your best tips for teachers who are just starting out?

Week 8 (17 Jan 2015) - What digital tool do you use the most and why?

--> Week 9 (24 Jan 2015) - What was your unique selling point at an interview?

--> Week 10 (31 Jan 2015) - Share your favourite Tweechers and why?